Ascom Pagers

Reassurance and reliability

Renowned for their dependability, Ascom pagers pack multiple features into convenient yet tough devices: locating functions, personal safety alarms, ATEX-compliance, automatic man-down and no-movement functions, and integration with technical alarm systems.

Ascom Pagers

A pager for every industry

The Ascom Paging System is a messaging and alarm system based on the mature paging technology. It is a reliable and cost-effective messaging and personal security solution. The system can be used as a stand-alone messaging and alrm platform, or as a secondary system in addition to one of Ascom's other communication systems. Ascom Paging System integrates well into the Unite platform, which makes it an ideal choice for building a redundant radio coverage together with IP-DECT or VoWIFI. Used and trusted by organizations around the world, Ascom pagers are the benckmark for rugged devices for demanding environments.

Ascom a72

With The Ascom a72 pager you have the possibilities of a two-way handset for use in the Ascom Paging System with opportunities for several alarm features.

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Ascom 914D

Extremely rugged one-way pager with message priority indication. Top-display means messages can be read without removing the device from pockets. Available in UHF frequency band.

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