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Simplifying workflow and alarms management for enterprise

Ascom Ofelia lets you manage tasks and workflows in an intuitive graphical environment. You can use dynamic maps to better direct responses to technical and personal safety alarms. And you can easily analyze data in order to enable continuous improvements. Ascom Ofelia —a new generation of alarm and workflow management software.

Integrate, Orchestrate, Enable

Ofelia is a software platform designed to integrate multiple unconnected applications into a single view to enhance workflow and alerts management.

It collects and correlates events from existing disparate devices and information systems to empower staff to identify and resolve situations.

Main features:

  • Personal Alarms
  • Guard Route
  • Task management
  • Technical alarms (fire alarm, etc)
  • Mobilization campaigns
  • Nurse Call management

Removing complexity of integrations

Ofelia facilitates integration by enabling standard protocols widely used by alarm solutions, as well as customized integrations based on proprietary APIs. Legacy integrations such as Serial or I/O contacts can also be implemented using adapters.

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At the heart of the solution is a single objective: Communicating the right information to the right person at the right time. Ofélia notifies users instantly by sending alerts to their mobile device, allowing them to interact and manage the events for which they are responsible. This helps ensure fast, accurate responses, and increases safety for people, processes and places.
Livane Hellman
Global Product Manager, Ascom
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Ofelia Brochure

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