Ascom Digistat software suite

The toolbox for digitalizing clinical workflows

Ascom Digistat is a comprehensive suite of clinical workflow software. Its modular design—and close cooperation with our in-house team of  clinical consultants —lets us customize solutions to match your needs and digitalization strategies. Whether they are for monitoring wearables, clinical decision support, medical device integration, alarm management, mobile devices and smartphones, or critical care and perioperative workflow management.

Where and how it works

From specialist clinics to large hospitals and beyond

Manage any type of clinical pathway from surgery and ICU to general wards and even out-of-hospital care with fully customizable documentation.

Comprehensive clinical data solution

A modular suite to support medical device integration, alarm management, mobile workflows, wearables monitoring and complex care pathways such as surgery and ICU.

Trusted by clinicians worldwide

Deployed by leading hospitals and healthcare systems worldwide. Chosen by UK’s NHS for the national critical care record for all ICUs in Wales.


Vendor-neutral device integration

Vendor-neutral native integrations enable interoperability with clinical systems including ADT, EMR, Pharmacy, Microbiology, PACS, medical devices, etc.

Designed for maximum availability

Multi-node system architecture helps ensure maximum system availability. Should one node fail, its load is automatically transferred to others. 

High-level security, compliance

GDPR-compliant. Default TLS 1.2 encryption. Continuous security scans. Class IIb medical device classification under MDR. 

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The high-reliability ICU

Unifying situational awareness, communication and timely actions to help improve patient outcomes: learn more in our whitepaper “The high-reliability ICU”. Despite the rapid advances in the digitization of healthcare in the last few years, we are only at the beginning of the evolution towards a digitized, high-reliability ICU. Learn what answers digital technologies offer to some of the key issues in intensive care units.

The introduction of this innovative technology will enhance the care patients receive and allow doctors and nurses to spend as much time as possible caring for patients.
Vaughan Gething
Minister for Health and Social Services of the Welsh Government
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Digistat Smart Central
Digistat Smart Central
Digistat Wearables
Digistat Wearables

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